Transforming Your Project Skills from Good to Great


Managing Without Authority to Motivate Diverse Project Teams

Today’s project teams tend to be diverse, and are often formed based on the availability of team members rather than the skill sets that they bring to the table. As a result, project teams tend to be filled with people who, while technically very good at their areas of expertise, may lack some of the soft skills that they need to execute projects successfully. Getting great results from your project teams isn’t easy, but the trick is making sure that you have the skills you need to set yourself (and your initiatives) up for ongoing success.Transforming Your Project Skills from Good to Great discusses:

  • The skills project managers need to become project leaders
  • The keys to managing without authority and motivating diverse teams to deliver
  • Communication skills that project managers need to get work done

Personnel without project management training are increasingly given pivotal roles in managing projects. Project-based work is changing, and training may be required in order to better execute.

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